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Welcome to Comfy Dayz. We are unique online service providers attempting to make all the women out there comfortable in those difficult days. We want you to go through the terms and conditions of our services thoroughly so that you can get an idea of how do we work, and manage to offer you the best.

The terms “Comy Dayz”, “we”, “us”, or “website”, all refer to the owner of this website. The term, “you” refers to the second person who is visiting or browsing through the website. We reserve all the rights to change the terms and policies timely without any obligation. Please read the terms and conditions very carefully before proceeding.

The record of our prestigious clients are considered to be absolutely confidential, and hence they are not disclosed to any third party except the supplier/seller/manufacturer/or appropriate authorities.

Monthly Comfy Dayz subscription
For products damaged while shipping: Before each product that is sent by Comfy Dayz, there are a few levels of thorough quality checks to eliminate any probabilities of a harmed item being shipped or transported. In the rare occasion that an item from your monthly Comfy Dayz’s box is harmed accidently in transit, we will delightfully replace it with the same quality product. However, the user has to inform us within 24 hours of the delivery by Comy Dayz. You can email us at info@comfydayz.com along with a picture of the damaged stuff.

Address Change Requests
New Subscriptions: In the new subscription, for address change, the address must be updated by logging on website following the details given and in the my profile tab. You can also send us an email to info@comfydayz.com along with details of your new address.

Ongoing Subscriptions:
For ongoing subscription also, the procedure of address change will be the same. The user has to log on the website and follow the given instructions. For better services, the user must inform you prior 10 days before the date of the subscription. If you are unlikely not available on the address due to any reason, you can drop us a request of holding your shipment for next month’s delivery.

Returned orders
If any orders are not shipped due to any problem, like members unavailable, wrong or incomplete address, members shifted to some other place, we will make an attempt to contact the user, otherwise the products will be sent to you with the subscription of the next month.

Warranty and Liability
Comfy Dayz does not warrant and hold itself responsible for the damage that occurs due to the use of the products listed on the website. Comfy Dayz is only responsible if the product delivered to you is different from the one which is shown on the website. Comfy Dayz is not responsible for delays arising out of force majeure. All subject to Kota jurisdiction. The brands which are being used by Comfy Dayz are renowned; any problem occurring to the quality of the product will be undertaken by the particular brand

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